Monday, February 21, 2011

Japan Sketches and a quick preview

Here are a few sketches I did in Japan. I'll be uploading the rest later in the week so stay tune for those. Anyway  here they are

This was done during our last day in Namba. I enjoyed having sushi every night from this store right infront of the hotel we were staying at. The sushi was amazing the fish tasted like smoked salmon. :) Plus Japanese Mayonnaise! :D

This was done in Namba as well while we were eating a little bistro. The girl beside us has really cute huge glasses.

This is what I'm working on now it's a sketch for a painting I'm planning on doing. I'm struggling with the shading and lighting can't seem to get the values right.


  1. Haha I'm wishful you had a great time in Japan, lots of wonderful sketches seem to come traveling.

  2. thanks so much oliver! :) Hope you checked out the pics (previous post) I'll be posting more sketches later this week :)

  3. Oh yes! The pictures were beautiful. It's moments such as those that fill you with inspiration that really gets the artistic juices flowing.