Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nightmares (edited)

So heres my piece for the Sketchoholic Chris Sanders 'Nightmares' contest. :) Had a huge struggle with the lighting since I'm not used to really putting in focus with light. :) Anyway, tell me what you think. Also check out Charles Santoso's entry its awesome!

This ones one of the pieces I did for the Sketchoholic Marathon
not too pleased with this one its too stagnant.


  1. I really like this update. Some things that you may want to go back and work on though is just the lighting around the trees, particularly where the focus of light is situated. There is no doubt though that you are getting much better with your sources of light and it shows. I'm really happy to see that improvement. Great job. My only other concern is with that..umm....I'm not quite sure what it is on top of the little mount(hill?). It's a bit fuzzy and hard to see which leaves me a bit in an odd spot.

    Overall though I really enjoyed seeing this update and seeing you take a sketch and go forward with it. That is a great skill to have and to further.

  2. Yeah, didn't really have time to think about the piece that much since it was sort of last minute hehe.. :D But I'll be sure to update more and more :D