Thursday, August 12, 2010

scared and lost in the woods

This is a rough digital sketch I did for a traditional piece I'm planning to do 
critiques are uber welcome


  1. Hmm what size did you create this as? It's a tad small. I really like the idea and the promise of it, I would say put a lot more detail and force into your light on the right side and darken the left a bit. I really like where this going and I can't wait to see your update on it further.

    Also I'm really happy to see your keeping up with your CA account, those guys give great critiques.

  2. Ahh yeah didn't really focus on this sketch since I'm planning to translate it into a traditional piece :)

    Yeah, really hooked on CA right now I'm getting mentored now so hopefully I'll show some improvement in my works. thanks for stopping by