Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stone Age Dream, Peter Chan's blog giveaway prize, and utter randomness

Yesterday I had a dream that I was back in the stone ages and I was sailing on a hot air balloon with my dog. Here is a photo of my dog. Her name is Sharpay. hehe (Sharpay the Sharpei)

Anyway I couldn't stop getting the idea of me in the stone age so I decided to paint it. This is just the early stage of the painting I'm still trying to figure out the background. If you have suggestions just comment 

Oh, and I'd like to share with you all my working area. Now that I'm working more on traditional mediums I had to move my equipment. :))

Swatches I  used for reference in the painting

My washes :)

Oh, I was one of the random winners on the awesome Peter Chan's blog giveaway! :) So guess what came in the mail the other day! The linoprint finally arrived! :) Thanks Peter!


  1. Hahaha oh I love this! Your illustration here is taking a new breath with those paints. It gives your work much more feeling, depth and texture.

    Plus that pup is hella cute!

  2. @jellyfish opera: thanks so much! :) I'm really trying to work on my traditional stuff. :)