Monday, January 24, 2011

Heading To Japan for Two Weeks!

So, I'm heading to Japan for two weeks I'll probably be updating my Twitter though throughout the whole trip so  if you've got one

Heres an update on Characters I'm working on for my own project :) (Keep in mind these character descriptions and names can change while the project is still not finalized)
"Mr. Dobsky"a 46 year old English professor who is just bored with his job teaching at Oxford University. He is liked by most of his students and faculty but just thinks there is more to life than teaching uni students correct grammar and how to use punctuation marks and such.

"Gemma Pillsbottom"
--still haven't quite figured her out yet--

well thats it for now!

Oh, oh! I've been reading quite a lot lately I've joined this site its pretty cool.. helps me find out which books I want to read next and all. :) Check it out!

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