Thursday, January 13, 2011

hello 2011

Hey Guys!!

2011 is here and this will be the year for change! I feel it! Anyway, so how was your New Year and Christmas celebration? Hope it was all well! :)

Been thinking of working on a little project maybe a short children's book :) But here's a current character I'm working on I haven't quite figured out his whole background let alone his name. But here it is he's half ogre half cyclops. First I wanted to call him Frank the one eyed monster but that seemed too generic. So I would love some feedback :)

This is a mock piece on a the character. It was done with watercolors. I was going to show the process of this piece but just ended up painting it straight out forgetting to take frequent scans. hehe

oh well thanks for stopping by! :)

-Carrie R.


  1. Oh man, if this was a children's book I'd totally pick it up! I'd love to see what else you've cooked up for the project. I'm liking the direction it's going, plus watercolor just gives it a very good feel and relaxing sense.

  2. thanks so much! :) means a lot :) I hope I'll be able to pull this off though.

  3. Indeed! I'd love to see more of the little monsters up and about. Cheers and good luck!